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I feel very honored to have been asked to paint portraits of these 2 beautiful pups, Catcher and Chappy. They were both senior dogs who have recently passed away . They were very loved by their families. Catcher was a black Lab and Chappy was a white Cockapoo. Initially, I painted them in neutral colors: white, grey, black and beige. Both families live in California and I know that neutral interiors are popular there. But, as I studied their photos and became more familiar with them, I realized that they needed lots of color. I wanted their owners to be uplifted by the fun colors and to imagine the pups full of life, so I used lots of purples, bright blues, greens and orange. The colors are now energetic, Chappy’s tongue is big and full of color and Catcher’s eyes are expressive and abstract at the same time. I hope that these paintings capture these pups well and bring their owners moments of happiness throughout each day.

Originally Posted on January 12, 2019

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