Sometimes, I don’t know why I paint a particular theme. At times, the paintings just emerge on the canvas, reflecting what’s happening in my life. They’re not part of a conscious effort. I look at the blank canvas and just start to paint. I think that these 2 paintings have subconsciously come at a time when I am reflecting on my own role as a mother. I now have a long range view on that part of my life as my youngest child prepares for college. I still see him and my 2 older children as babies, and I know that I always will. Perhaps these paintings serve to solidify the image of them as babies for me, to capture a point in time that is long gone but still very much a part of me. At one time, I was the center of their world. Their eyesight was just strong enough to see my face as I cuddled them. Now, thankfully, they can see the whole wide , beautiful world in front of them. They are young adults who are seizing life, living it, enjoying it, and forging their own paths. Along the way, I have progressed from immediate caregiver and protector to loving mentor and cheerleader. It’s the most beautiful journey that I will ever experience and I am so grateful for it.

The first of these 2 images shows a woman holding a baby. She’s looking straight ahead and the baby is tucked under her chin. Her role here is as protector. She sees what the baby is too young to see and she is making sure that the path ahead is safe.

The second image shows a woman gazing lovingly at her baby. She’s unaware of what is happening around her. The baby is her world and vice versa.

Originally Posted on December 10, 2019

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